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The Candle

A handcrafted range of natural soy wax candles with seasonal fragrances presented in recyclable glass jars. 

The medium cube candle measures 8x8x8cm. It contains approximately 220g of wax and will provide 45hrs of burn time.   

The Company

Box Candle Company are based in the tiny village of Box, nestled in the hills between Corsham and Bath. They are a small artisan producer, handcrafting fabulous candles and reed diffusers with exquisite fragrances.  

    All Box candles are manufactured from a natural & sustainable plant source and do not contain any petroleum based pearaffin wax or animal products- making them very clean burning and long lasting candles.

    How to care for your candles

    • Read the safety label on the bottom of the candle before lighting
    • Avoid burning candles in draughty areas so the candle will burn evenly
    • Leave the candles burning until the wax pool has completely covered the surface before extinguishing. This is especially important on Multi wick or square candles
    • It is important that you stop burning your candle when 10 mm of wax remains at the bottom of the candle to prevent the glass from cracking
    • Make sure you trim the wicks to 1 cm before lighting